Support The Danny Thompson Challenger 2.5 Land Speed Record Project With The Purchase Of A Commemorative T-Shirt


Stow, OH - Danny Thompson now offers commemorative T-shirts with proceeds benefiting the historic Challenger 2.5 land speed record project. Within the next year, Thompson will attempt to exceed the existing internal combustion wheel-driven land speed record of 417.020 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Now, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to make a measurable contribution to the project by purchasing attractive commemorative T-shirts for just $19.99 each by visiting

"A lot of people have approached us about options to make a contribution to the project, and many others have requested commemorative apparel," stated Danny Thompson of Thompson LSR. "With that input, we moved forward with plans to offer a variety of T-shirt designs as well as commemorative Challenger 2.5 stickers. All net proceeds will be donated to the land speed record project."

Progress on the Challenger 2.5 streamliner has been extensive. Thompson is working collaboratively with renowned fabricator Steve Davis to complete the project. A steering system for the all-wheel drive twin-engine streamliner and final machining and assembly is in progress. Thompson is producing hand-cut engine plates and upgraded the cockpit with a Racepak setup. Air tanks, steering wheel mounted air shifters, and a fire extinguisher system have been added. Two 500 cubic-inch Brad Anderson Engineering (BAE) aluminum engines will be added soon along with four sets of billet aluminum BAE racing heads and Mickey Thompson Bonneville LSR tires. The old paint has been stripped to bare metal and the tail section and parachutes have been re-designed to be compliant with sanctioning rules. Thompson is working with designer Chip Foose to complete the exterior including custom paint by Foose. For more information, visit